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  • Boley Rodeo 2025
    Boley Rodeo 2025
    Sat, May 24
    Boley Rodeo Arena
    Boley Rodeo Arena, Boley, OK 74829, USA
    The Boley Rodeo, hosted in historic Boley, Oklahoma, is the oldest African American community-based rodeo in the nation. This Memorial Day weekend event honors our rich history and celebrates the future.

Come to the nations oldest African American community-based rodeo Memorial Weekend and celebrate with the citizens of Boley and visitors from around the world with a line-up of fun, family friendly activities, and entertainment. Our annual Rodeo celebrates the historical significance of Boley, an all-black town representative of many towns established by African Americans who migrated from the South to northern and western communities after slavery. The Boley Rodeo began in 1903.

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